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Poster Presentation
Poster Presentation

Guidelines for Virtual Poster Presentation

A. General Format

     Here some general requirements should be included in the poster

Header of Poster

Title of the research study
Abstract ID
The author’s name
Author’s affiliation
• Authors institution logo
• ICBB2022 logo (please find in the ICBB2022 logo in this link:


• References

B. Another Requirements

Poster Size and Format

     It is recommended to make your poster in size 36″ x 60″ vertical and poster must be submitted in jpg format.


Kindly use both UPPER and lower case letters for general content, as all-capital text is difficult to read. It is recommended to use 14 Times New Roman font style for the  content of the poster.
Make sure there is enough contrast between the colour of the text and the poster’s background.
Text and presentation should be in ENGLISH only.

Content of The Poster

Make sure that the specific sections (such as the background, methods, results, and conclusions) are easy to locate in the poster.
Try to keep the text easy to read and concise. The poster should have a clear message, a logical layout and be easy to comprehend.

C. Example for The Poster Template

     Here we added example for poster template, you can design your poster with the best creativity.

Poster Presentation