International Conference on Bioscience and Biotechnology
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Healthy oceans and marine ecosystems are crucial for development of marine based economy or commonly known as the blue economy. The marine environment provides one of the worlds highest levels of biodiversity. Whereas, the marine environment provides critical support functions upon which human health and well-being could depend. Multiple benefits are derived from marine and coastal ecosystems at local, regional and global scales, ranging from pollution control, storm protection, shoreline stabilization and habitats for species, climate mitigation, food provisioning, and marine natural products (MNPs). Hence, proper management for sustainable utilization marine resources is needed. In order for the benefit of the entire human community in the present and the future.
Based on the background. The main topic of ICBB2022 is :
“Current challenges on sustainable utilization of marine resources”
The subtopics are:
  • Marine pollution
  • Seafood safety, processing, and engineering
  • Marine biodiversity and conservation
  • Aquaculture and coastal agriculture
  • Marine biotechnology and pharmacy
  • Coastal public health and medical sciences
  • Marine social economy, law, and policy¬†